Conditions of Booking for an IBM Midlands Retirees Club Event

Booking Forms


  1. Members wishing to attend an advertised event must submit a completed booking form together with a cheque for the appropriate amount or make payment by EFT when the booking is confirmed.
  2. Bookings will be accepted in order of receipt by the organiser.  This is particularly important in the case of events which have a limit on numbers.
  3. Booking forms may be submitted either
    • by post with a cheque for the appropriate amount, or
    • by email to the organiser who will request payment by EFT when the booking is confirmed.
  4. Acknowledgment of booking will be sent to the member’s email address. If acknowledgment by normal mail is preferred a self addressed stamped envelope must be enclosed with the booking form.
  5. Cheques may be banked as soon as it has been established that the event will take place.  If the event is cancelled for any reason, then cheques will be returned to the members who have booked for the event. 

Passports (overseas trips only)

A valid passport  is required for all overseas trips.  Members will be asked for the expiry date of  the passport for each person named on the booking form.  See and select the country being travelled to for their specific requirements.

Travel Insurance (multi-day events only)

All participants in IBM Retirees Club multi-day events must have appropriate travel insurance as it will be a condition of booking laid down by the company providing the travel package. Because insurance policies vary widely in the cover that they offer, it is important to check your policy carefully to ensure that it will meet all requirements, e.g. minimum number of days away, cancellation for health reasons, etc.

European Health Insurance Card - EHIC

This card superseded the Form E111 and is the only valid document since December 2005. It is recommended that all members have the EHIC card as it may also be a condition of your travel insurance company. Donít forget that the EHIC has an expiry date and should be renewed in good time prior to the relevant event.

Car Parking At IBM Warwick

For events where members are likely to park at IBM Warwick, the booking form will ask for details of the car being parked as this is required by Security.

Tipping and Gratuities

The organiser may, at his/her discretion, give a gratuity to an establishment or individual which will be considered as part of the cost of the event (e.g. a hotel, restaurant or an individual such as a tour guide or coach driver). This should be clear in the original announcement but does not preclude any individual member from tipping, for example with tour guides and coach drivers.


If a member is unable or does not wish to attend an event for any reason then the following guidelines will apply:-

  1. Where a block booking has been made for a coach or other transport, then a refund will not be made.
  2. If a block booking has been made for events where tickets have been purchased, such as theatre or other similar event then no refund will be made. (Sometimes in the case of block bookings, to make a refund would increase the cost per head of the event.)
  3. Where a booking has been made but the establishment only charges for those who actually attend, then a refund may be made. However, if a specific choice of menu has been made it will usually charged.

Notwithstanding the above, a refund may be made if the booking can be re-sold to another member, although any reasonable expenses may be deducted by the Club. If the Club is unable make any refunds, the member should approach their insurance company with an appropriate claim.

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