IBM Hursley Museum

I am one of three voluntary retiree curators of the museum at Hursley. We have been running articles the last two quarters in the Hursley retiree newsletter, giving both some updates on our activities and putting out an ongoing appeal for artefacts that people might have that they may be willing to donate to the museum.

We would like to widen this appeal to as wide an audience as possible, and I am sending this around all of the UK retiree clubs.

We are looking in particular for hardware and CE tools. On the hardware front, we are very keen to get a PC-AT and an 8775, but are happy to consider any hardware that might be lurking in attics! We have a small selection of CE tools, but need screwdrivers, pliers, Bristow keys, spring hooks, circlip tool and any special tools, also test equipment of any kind.

Any CE spare parts are also welcome, as well as old PC software. We do reserve the right to offer a polite No Thanks where we may already have a reasonable quantity, for example we do not need any more PC Portables (aka Luggable). We now have a web site in reasonably good shape at

Peter Short

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