IBM Retirees' Club (Midlands) Newsletter

Newsletter Production

The newsletter is a local initiative, not an IBM publication, which some of the retiree clubs issue. Our newsletter is mainly a vehicle for advertising club events though it does, on occasions, have other news which may be of interest to members. The Newsletter Editor compiles the Newsletter on his PC, uploading it and associated files to our web site around the middle of each month.

Because there is a window of several days when the latest Newsletter is available on the website, the Newsletter Editor will send out an email to all members who have registered their email address; failure to get the email does not lose the Newsletter as it is possible to access the website with or without the reminder. Members who have not registered their email address will either receive the Newsletter by post if they have expressed a wish to do so, otherwise they will not receive the Newsletter at all.

Newsletter Archiving

When each Newsletter is produced, the old version is archived for future reference.  This is done by year, i.e. all the Newsletters for 2003 will be in one file, those for 2004 in another and so on.  The archive goes back to 2003 and may be accessed from the following links:-

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