Booking Form for Paris 20-24 September 2013 (four nights)

                                   Name                                Passport Expiry Date    IBM Personel # 
First Guest         xxxxxxxxxx        
Second Guest                                   xxxxxxxxxx     
Second Guest                                               xxxxxxxxxx       

 Member's Contact Details Telephone:                               Email:                                                              

The announcement will normally state whether second guests can be included, in which case specify above.  If not, please indicate if you would like to bring second guest(s)  Yes/No _____  If Yes, how many? ___

Car details if parking at IBM Warwick
 Make:                        Colour:                         Registration:                             

Please state room preference:- Single/Double/Twin ______________  

It is a condition of booking that for multi-day trips in the UK or overseas trips you must be in possession of appropriate travel insurance and for overseas trips a valid passport is also required.  Refer to the document "Event Booking Conditions"for further details.

Please confirm that all people named above have appropriate Travel Insurance?  Yes/No ___ (if No, the company organising the trip can arrange this at a cost of £35 per head)

I enclose cheque for £ ____, £50 deposit per person (plus £35 per person insurance where required).  Payment for the remaining amount will be requested later

Please send booking form and cheque by 31st January to:-

Dave Compton, Ashby House, Northend, Southam, Warwickshire, CV47 2TN.

Telephone:- 01295 770355, Email:

and this will be acknowledged by email unless an SAE is enclosed.

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