IBM Retirees Club Midlands


London Oct 2009
Shakespeare Express1008
Highgrove August 2010
Suffolk 1008
Canal Meal July 2010
DorsetMay 2010
Oban Trip Apr 2010
Stratford Races Mar 2010
Spring Lunch Feb 2010
Ethnic Meal Jan 2010
Christmas Lunch Dec 2009
Skittles Oct 2009
Belfast Sept 2009
Shrewsbury Aug 2009
Houses of Parliament Aug 2009
Northumberland Jun 2009
Torquay May 2009
Holland Apr 2009


As a "taster" for new members and a "memory jogger" for past participants, we present a selection of photos from various trips. Just select a set from the list on the left or click the link to see our Newsletter    

or, if you are a new viewer, read on..................

The Midlands Retiree Club runs a wide variety of events through the year. There are two or three "old favourites" like the Christmas and Summer lunches which attract up to 100 participants and which provide a very pleasant way to catch up on friends and colleagues.

Most years there is at least one overseas trip (in 2009 it was to a huge flower parade in Holland), other examples are Spanish Wine Tours & The Rhine in Flames.

We arrange a wide variety of one day and evening events like The Shrewsbury Flower Show, Greenwich, Blenheim Palace, The National Space Museum, Sezincote House, The Morgan Car Factory, Duxford Air Show and lunches and dinners ( some with speakers, some coupled to visits to places of interest ).

Finally each year we run two or three coach trips for 3-4 days each. In 2009, we ran one to Torquay as a combined rambling and sight-seeing long weekend and another to Northumberland and, finally, to Belfast and around County Antrim. The proposed 2010 programme is shown below.

So I guess you can see that there is lots to participate in. I hope this "taster" inspires you to start coming or to book even more than before.

Who knows, it might even fire you up to join the committee which always welcomes new members.

Alan Palmer

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