January 2017 Newsletter

The 2017 AGM will be held at the Royal British Legion Club, Knowle on Monday 13th March; please make every effort to attend.

This year the Spring Lunch will be held at the Real Tennis Club in Bedford Street in Leamington on Thursday 23 March. Please put the date in your diary. Details to follow in the February newsletter.

Michael Fabianski, Newsletter Editor. E-mail: ibmmidretnews@gmail.com


Event report: Christmas Lunch — 13th December 2016

The IBM Midlands Retirees Christmas Lunch was held at Wroxall Abbey on Tuesday 13th December 2016. We were here in 2013 and 2014, but took a break from Wroxall last year to try a different location — Hampton Manor. Wroxall Abbey is a lovely location and building, which has always been enjoyed in the past. This year we were only 79 people — less than last year which was less than the year before — do you think that we are all getting older? However, it was still the biggest event of the year and I think most people enjoyed it. The service was good and the cost of the meal was noted by many as very good value for money — my thanks to Phil Dalton for engineering a very good subsidy. My only complaint was that the microphone they supplied me for my speech seemed to have a tendency to cut out at critical points - or am I just becoming paranoid? So in case some of you missed the end of my Spike Milligan poem I have reproduced it here:-

Little Jim by Spike Milligan

Little Jim is very small,
He wanders up and down the hall.
Sometimes he wanders up and down the stairs
Or sits in one of Daddy’s chairs.
Sometimes we wonder where he’s gone
And find him lying on the lawn.
He’s very fond of chocolate bars.
He goes outside and watches stars.
Other times he’s in the bath
Or wandering up the garden path.
He doesn’t ever watch the telly —
Instead you find him eating jelly.
Little Jim talks very funny:
He has a nose that’s always runny.
Sometimes he screams, sometimes he yells,
Sometimes he positively smells
He walks around and sucks his thumb.
Sometimes he kicks me up the bum!
Still I treat him patiently
‘Cos Little Jim is only three.
Mum tells me he’s my baby brother
Please God don’t let her have another!

I look forward to seeing you all in 2017.

Alan Bridgman


Volunteer wanted to maintain website for CPRE Warwickshire

This is retiree Alan Palmer, who has volunteered at the Warwick offices of Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) for about six years, asking if any retiree would like to take on the task of virtually re-setting their web site while I continue as Membership Secretary and PC support person. The National Office site (see http://www.cpre.org.uk/) is a sort of proforma for the local sites and the volunteer will have some involvement with the builders (including input on Warwickshire’s needs). It should be possible to do much of the work at home if desired but there is an office in Smith Street with a couple of PCs.

Anybody wishing to chat about this should feel free to call me on 07838477051 or the Branch Development Manager, John Wharam, on 01926 494597. John is a friendly easy going man as are the other two part time paid staff.

CPRE Warwickshire, alongside the National Office, fights for a better future for England’s unique, essential and precious countryside. From giving parish councils expert advice on planning issues to influencing national and European policies, we work to protect and enhance the countryside. We believe a beautiful, thriving countryside is important for everyone, no matter where they live. Nationally, we don’t own land or represent any special interests. Our members are united in their love for England’s landscapes and rural communities, and stand up for the countryside, so it can continue to sustain, enchant and inspire future generations.

While I’m on, anybody who wishes to join CPRE can email me at membership_cpre_warwickshire@outlook.com.



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Spring Lunch on Thursday 23rd March 2017 (Organiser Gary Wooding)

This year the Spring Lunch will be held at the Real Tennis Club in Bedford Street in Leamington. Please put the date in your diary. Details to follow in the February newsletter.


Sub-Groups of Retirees Club and Employee Club

IBM Retirees Rambling Group

The IBM (Warwick) Rambling Club is now a subsection of the IBM Midlands Retiree Club. Any member of the Midlands Retiree club is welcome to join our subsection. Our subs are £5 per person per year. Our programme consists of a meal in late February, a monthly ramble with a pub lunch using own transport and an AGM in December. We also share a 3-4 day trip using coach transport with retiree sightseers in May.

Any retiree who would like to give us a try, can come along on one of our monthly walks without needing to join. Meal subsidies are available only to members and not for those joining us on a trial basis.

Go to a list of the planned walks for 2017 and other information.

For more information, please contact Terry King, terryaking@hotmail.com.


IBM Retirees PC and Technology Group (founded by Harry Green)

The IBM Retirees PC and Technology Group meets every alternate month for a lively discussion on PC and technology topics in the digital age. There are usually one or two specific presentations given by members or by outside speakers, which the members of the Group have requested. We try to provide a reasonable balance between PC “techie” topics, new technology, and topics of a more general nature such as digital television, Internet telephony and digital photography. So whether you are a newcomer to the PC or a more experienced user, we hope you will find something of interest. You are very welcome to join us.

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