March 2014 Newsletter


In the newsletter this month we have the announcement of a trip to Jersey for the Tennerfest in October and a final call for the last few remaining places on the trip to Hook Norton Brewery next month. You should expect to see the announcement of the Summer Lunch in the next newsletter.

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Chairman’s Notes

My thanks to everyone who attended our AGM on Monday 17th March, which was held at the Royal British Legion premises in Knowle. Last year’s AGM Minutes were approved and we then moved on to review and approve a new version of the Club’s Constitution. The Committee had decided last year to split the Club Secretary position into two — Club Secretary (Peter Barnes) and Minutes Secretary (Janice Kirkwood). IBM wanted to include reference to the position of UK Club Oversight Manager and also include a reference to the need for Public Liability Insurance, which is now in force for all UK Clubs. With these limited changes the new Constitution was quickly ratified by all the members present.

Your Club Treasurer, Phil Dalton, then reviewed the financial aspects of the past year’s activities. The main concern was the cuts in IBM subsidy which started in the second half of 2012 and have continued into 2014. These cuts occur without warning and we only know the extent of the cuts when Phil receives the money in the Club Bank Account. This clumsy and unprofessional way of handling subsidy cuts make it very difficult for us to plan a full year of events in advance. Phil is also concerned about the need to cut the level of Club’s expenses in line with the reduction in total subsidy, which the Committee will discuss at the April Committee meeting. The audited accounts were not available in time for approval at this year’s AGM, so we will have to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting in order to approve the audited accounts when they become available.

Dave Compton, our Membership Secretary, then reviewed the Club’s membership. Dave has worked very hard over the last few years trying to contact “undecided” Retirees to persuade them to join the Midlands Retirees Club. In this effort he has had considerable success and our membership has fallen only very slightly over the last 12 months.

Our favourite Club Oversight Manager, Fiona Clements, left for personal reasons at the end of last year and so far no replacement has been appointed.

I welcomed the Rambling Section, which was unceremoniously booted out of the IBM Warwick Club, who joined the Midlands Retirees Club in the second half of last year. Barry Wiggins, as Chairman of the Section, described their organisation and events.

At last year’s AGM we voted Gary and Sheila Wooding on to the Committee. Sadly Sheila felt that she had to stand down for personal reasons, but Gary is still very much with us. This year we had to vote in Peter Barnes as Club Secretary and Janice Kirkwood who joined the Committee as Minutes Secretary. Everyone else on the Committee was prepared to stand again and were re-elected en-bloc.

The AGM concluded with an excellent and inspirational talk from Barry Wiggins and Gary Wooding about a charity called REMAP, for which they both work. REMAP works with handicapped children and adults to engineer unique solutions for them, where such devices do not exist in the marketplace.

The buffet lunch at the Royal British Legion Knowle continues to be one of the best in the West Midlands and was enjoyed by all.

Alan Bridgman
IBM Midlands Retirees Club


This is not a Retiree Club event, but you might be interested in a Rioja wine tour which is being organised by Rick Paslawski. The trip will take place from Tuesday 17th to Tuesday 24th June; see the Wessex Continental Travel website at for details.

Please contact Rick at if you are interested.



Click here to see the list of the events which are planned for 2014. The following is the status of those which have been announced.

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Hook Norton Brewery, Friday 11 April (Organiser: Simon Barratt)

We’re planning a return visit to the Hook Norton Brewery, followed by a buffet lunch at the nearby Gate Hangs High pub, on 11 April. The cost to Members is £15.50 (non-Members, £22.00).

You will make your own way to the brewery to arrive by 10:30am, and to the pub to arrive by 1:00pm (directions will be supplied if required).

To book your place, please send the completed Booking Form and cheque, made out to IBM Retirees (Midlands) for the appropriate amount, to:

Simon Barratt, Laurel House, Tredington, Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire CV36 4NJ, telephone number 01608 661996.

For further information, please email me at

Refer to the document Event Booking Conditions for terms and conditions.

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Tennerfest - Tuesday 7 October to Saturday 11 October 2014 (Organiser: Simon Barratt)

Mont Orgueil

We are repeating the successful visit to Jersey for the Tennerfest to indulge in eating out for £10 a head (hence “Tennerfest”) at any of the 100+ restaurants offering gourmet 2- and 3-course lunch and dinner menus from £10 to £20. Please note that evening meals, which will be booked in advance for the Group, will be at your own expense.

However, there’s more to a visit to Jersey than just waiting for the next mealtime, and so our visit is based on the following:

The plan is for you to make your own way to Birmingham International Airport, where you will hand your car over to a meet-and-greet service, and board a scheduled mid-afternoon flight to Jersey. On arrival at Jersey, you will collect your hire car, if you have ordered one (approximately £25 for the duration of your stay), or board the transit transport that will be waiting for you. You will be staying at the Apollo Hotel on a bed-and-breakfast basis. Your journey from the airport to the hotel will take approximately 20 minutes.

The Jersey website ( gives details of more than one hundred attractions.

For transport enthusiasts, there's the Pallot Steam, Motor & General Museum, Rue de Bechet, Trinity (, with its excellent museum, and what must be the smallest standard gauge round trip railway in the northern hemisphere!

A visit to any of its heritage attractions will show that Jersey knows exactly what history is really about -- people. From the superb medieval castle of Mont Orgueil, to the Jersey Maritime Museum, Jersey's attractions are very much about allowing visitors a glimpse of what island life was like in the past and immersing them in the experiences of their ancestors.

At Mount Orgeuil Castle at Gorey, there is a daily series of talks by characters from the distant past. Find out more at

Then there are the relics of the German Occupation during World War II, such as the Jersey War Tunnels ( Known as Höhlgangsanlage 8 (Ho8), it consisted of a network of tunnels first created to protect arms and troops from bomb attacks by the Allies. It was then converted into an elaborate hospital to deal with casualties from any counter invasion. In 2001, a superb multi-million pound interactive exhibition was built, telling the true-life stories of the islanders and foreign prisoners who were involved in the hospital’s construction, as well as the families who lived through the trying years of occupation.

You’ll find it difficult to miss the various German Observation Posts scattered around the coast.

If you choose not to hire a car, there are still lots to see in St Helier, all within walking distance of your hotel, including the Occupation Tapestry in the Maritime Museum and the Steam Clock in Liberation Square.

Cost of the Package for Members and First Guests, £314.50 per person. For Second and Subsequent Guests, the cost is £380.00. We will be staying in the 3-star Apollo Hotel which is close to the centre of St Helier and a selection of Tennerfest restaurants.

A deposit of £150 per person is required by 28 April 2014. The number of places is severely limited, so Bookings will be accepted on a First Come/First Served basis. The balance of £164.50 (£230.00 for Second and Subsequent Guests), plus any flight supplements that might be imposed, must be received by me no later than 4 August 2014, please.

Don’t forget that it is a condition of booking that for multi-day trips all travellers must be in possession of the appropriate travel insurance.

Please send your completed booking form and cheque, made payable to ‘IBM Retirees Club (Midlands)’ and an SAE (or two SAEs if you want tickets sent by surface mail rather than by email) to:

Simon Barratt, Laurel House, The Green, Tredington, Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire CV36 4NJ

Telephone: 01608 661996 Email:

Refer to the document Event Booking Conditions for terms and conditions.

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Sub-Groups of IBM Club and Retirees Club

IBM Retirees PC and Technology Group (founded by Harry Green)

The IBM Retirees PC and Technology Group meets every alternate month for a lively discussion on PC and technology topics in the digital age. There are usually one or two specific presentations given by members or by outside speakers, which the members of the Group have requested. We try to provide a reasonable balance between PC “techie” topics, new technology, and topics of a more general nature such as digital television, Internet telephony and digital photography. So whether you are a newcomer to the PC or a more experienced user, we hope you will find something of interest. You are very welcome to join us.

Contacts:- Roger Goodman email:- Alan Bridgman email:-

Go to meeting dates and other information


IBM Retirees Rambling Group

The IBM (Warwick) Rambling Club is now a subsection of the IBM Midlands Retiree Club. Any member of the Midlands Retiree club is welcome to join our subsection. Our subs are £5 per person per year. Our programme consists of a meal in late February, a monthly ramble with a pub lunch using own transport and an AGM in December. We also share a 3-4 day trip using coach transport with retiree sightseers in May.

Any retiree who would like to give us a try, can come along on one of our monthly walks without needing to join. Meal subsidies are available only to members and not for those joining us on a trial basis.

Our 2014 walk dates are: 9th February, 16th March, 16th April, 8th June, 20th July, 17th August, 14th September, 12th October, 16th November. All walk dates are Sundays with the exception of 16th April which is a Wednesday. Our meal date (members only) is not yet set but will be mid-week late February.

For more information, please contact Terry King,


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