March 2019 Newsletter

There are only 4 place left for the Northamptonshire Gardens and Hall Visit on Thursday 13 June, so get your bookings in to Christine Bradshaw as soon as possible if you would like to go.

See below for the new arrangements for members attending Warwick Club Events.

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Attending Warwick Club Events

As announced at the Annual General Meeting, the IBM Warwick Club has significantly changed its “Theatre Plus” subsection, which affect Retirees Club members who previously paid a subsection membership fee and cross-charge to be Theatre Plus members. Theatre Plus members should already be aware of the changes. At the time of the AGM, there was some uncertainty about operation of the new arrangements. Those details were resolved at the Warwick Club committee meeting on 18th March. Here’s an explanation of why and how things will work in future.

1) How things will work within the Warwick Club:

IBM reorganized employee club funding; on top of an IBM grant, employees now subscribe £26 to be a member. not £2.60. They also have retiree members (who are not members of the Midlands Retirees Club - you can only be a member of one club); depending on their pension plans, some of these retirees also subscribe £26. As a result, about 50% of the club's income now comes from subscriptions.

Warwick Club dissolved the Theatre Plus subsection to simplify admin. Theatre events will still run, but now open to all their members without paying an extra subscription.

Warwick Club employee and their retiree members subscribing £26 a year get fully subsidised theatre tickets. Retiree members not subscribing (mostly final salary plan members) get about half the subsidy, so pay more for their tickets.

2) What this means for the Retirees Club:

Midlands Retirees Club members can go on Warwick theatre events as normal.
From 2019 you need neither join Theatre Plus nor pay a subscription or a “cross charge”.
You’ll only be entitled to the Warwick club’s “lower” subsidy rate on any tickets. However, Warwick Club have agreed to allow Midlands Retirees Club members to voluntarily subscribe £26, in return for which they will be entitled to the same fully subsidised ticket price as Warwick Club employee members.

We have agreed to reimburse Warwick Club for the lower rate subsidy for our members attending their theatre events. Warwick Club will cover the difference between the lower and higher rate for our members subscribing the extra £26.

Like any Midlands Retirees events, this reimbursement has a budget which will be spent on subsidising tickets. If and when it runs out, we will subsidise no more tickets for the year. We will track how much we are spending every quarter, and if the budget looks like being exhausted early, we’ll announce it in the club newsletter.



Click here to see the list of the events which are provisionally planned for 2019.

The following is the status of those events which have been announced.

Thursday 28 March Spring Lunch. Closed.
Thursday 30 May Pete’s Place.
Thursday 13 June Northamptonshire Gardens and Hall Visit. See below.
Sunday 1 - Tuesday 10 September 2019 Rioja wine region of Spain. Open for bookings. See November 2018 newsletter.

Booking Conditions. Click here to read the terms and conditions. Members should also be aware of Public Liability Insurance provided by the Club.

Photographs from Past Events. Click here or here to view a selection of photographs from past events.

E1908GDN: Northamptonshire Gardens and Hall Visit - Thursday 13 June Organiser: Christine Bradshaw

Coton Manor Gardens

Coton Manor Gardens

The club is planning a coach visit to two impressive privately owned gardens. These are the Coton Manor Gardens and the Cottesbrooke Hall and Gardens. The schedule will be:

11.00 a.m.
Pick up at IBM Warwick by Johnsons Coaches
12.00 a.m.
Arrive Coton Manor Garden - explore and enjoy the 10 acre garden.
Have lunch there at the Stableyard Café. For menu see:
Visit the garden shop.
2.30 p.m.
Depart by coach for short journey to the next garden
2.45 p.m.
Arrive Cottesbrooke Hall and Garden
Explore and enjoy the garden
A 45 minute guided tour of the house will be included at a time to be agreed.
5.30 p.m.
Return to IBM Warwick. ETA 6.30 p.m.

Cost will be £35 per person to include the coach hire, entrance to both gardens and to Cottesbrooke Hall. A subsidy when known will reduce this price for members and first guests.

Coton Manor Gardens

Cottesbrooke Hall

To book a place, fill in the booking form and send it to:-

Christine Bradshaw, 5 Church Lane, Barford, CV35 8ES

OR email your booking form to .

Booking form: Word document     Printable Booking Form

Refer to the document Event Booking Conditions for terms and conditions.


Sub-Groups of Retirees Club and Employee Club

IBM Retirees Rambling Group

Information about the Rambling Group for 2019 is not yet available.

Please contact Terry King, for the latest information.


IBM Retirees PC and Technology Group (founded by Harry Green)

The IBM Retirees PC and Technology Group meets every alternate month for a lively discussion on PC and technology topics in the digital age. There are usually one or two specific presentations given by members or by outside speakers, which the members of the Group have requested. We try to provide a reasonable balance between PC “techie” topics, new technology, and topics of a more general nature such as digital television, Internet telephony and digital photography. So whether you are a newcomer to the PC or a more experienced user, we hope you will find something of interest. You are very welcome to join us.

Go to meeting dates and other information.


Members’ Notices

We all know Midlands Retirees who are undertaking a range of activities to raise money for good causes. The Committee have therefore decided to offer this space to advertise such initiatives and other events which may be of interest.


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