December 2016 Newsletter


Chairman’s Notes

We had a good Christmas Lunch on Tuesday 13th December. We were back at Wroxall Abbey after a one year break, and I think that everybody enjoyed it — the location is excellent, the food and drink was good and the service from the staff was very good. The only problem was the provision of a mis-functioning microphone!! Unless I hear to the contrary I shall assume that we are good to go back for a repeat performance next year.

Thank you for all your support this year. May I, on behalf of the IBM Midlands Retirees Club Committee, wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Happy, Peaceful, Prosperous and Healthy New Year.

This Newsletter contains details of our first event in 2017 — the El Greco Ethnic meal on Wednesday 18th January. The numbers are limited to 20, so first come, first booked!! I should also ask you to put the date of our 2017 AGM in your diaries and make every effort to attend. AGM date — Monday 13th March 2017.

All good wishes

Alan Bridgman
IBM Midlands Retirees Club


Event report: Waddesdon Manor — 24th November 2016

The Johnsons coach turned up at IBM Warwick to collect the party of 23 people. We had a good journey down to Waddesdon where we were met by one of the Waddesdon staff who gave out the tickets and informed us that we must be back for the coach at 6:15pm.

We had a quick look at the Christmas Fair, but with about 60 exhibitors it wasnít possible to see them all before we had to go to the house at 3:20pm. We only saw part of the house, but every room on our route had been beautifully decorated for the Christmas season.

We finally arrived at the Restaurant for tea at 4:00pm, which is where a few things went wrong. We were booked in for 4:00pm but they werenít ready for us. Then we found that our party was split between two long tables in different parts of the restaurant. We finally received some food at 4:30pm. The food and drink were excellent, but the service was slow.

We finished our tea at 5:30pm and went outside to see the lights and the whole of the front of the house lit up — a brilliant sight. The coach picked us up at 6:15pm and we got back to IBM Warwick at about 7:30pm.

The only slight complaint I heard was that there was not enough time to see and do everything. But as the old adage goes “leave them wanting more”!!!

Alan Bridgman (Stand-in organiser for the day)
Phil Dalton — Organiser

A selection of photos can be seen on the Club’s Dropbox page.


Volunteer wanted to maintain website for CPRE Warwickshire

This is retiree Alan Palmer, who has volunteered at the Warwick offices of Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) for about six years, asking if any retiree would like to take on the task of virtually re-setting their web site while I continue as Membership Secretary and PC support person. The National Office site (see is a sort of proforma for the local sites and the volunteer will have some involvement with the builders (including input on Warwickshire’s needs). It should be possible to do much of the work at home if desired but there is an office in Smith Street with a couple of PCs.

Anybody wishing to chat about this should feel free to call me on 07838477051 or the Branch Development Manager, John Wharam, on 01926 494597. John is a friendly easy going man as are the other two part time paid staff.

CPRE Warwickshire, alongside the National Office, fights for a better future for Englandís unique, essential and precious countryside. From giving parish councils expert advice on planning issues to influencing national and European policies, we work to protect and enhance the countryside. We believe a beautiful, thriving countryside is important for everyone, no matter where they live. Nationally, we donít own land or represent any special interests. Our members are united in their love for Englandís landscapes and rural communities, and stand up for the countryside, so it can continue to sustain, enchant and inspire future generations.

While I’m on, anybody who wishes to join CPRE can email me at



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Ethnic Evening meal on Wednesday 18th January 2017 (Organiser Alan Bridgman)

Time: 6:30pm
El Greco Restaurant, Stratford upon Avon

El Greco Restaurant

El Greco is a stunning contemporary restaurant - cafe - bar located in the heart of Stratford Upon Avon. Laid out over two floors, it is set in probably one of the town’s most beautiful historic buildings, with delightful views over the Market Square and Minories.

I have booked a Group menu of MEZZES for a party of 20. El Grecoís signature menu — what they are famous for! Experience the true taste of Greece by trying this amazing award-winning 22 dish Greek banquet.... yes, you get it all! Great fun - all the food goes in the middle of the table for everyone to share!

TZATZIKI (v) — yoghurt & cucumber dip
HOUMOS (v) — chickpea dip
SPANACOPITA (v) — spinach & cheese parcels
HALLOUMI (v) — Cypriot cheese, chargrilled
KALAMARI — deep fried squid rings
FASULIA (v) — giant beans in a tomato sauce

Main Courses
MOUSSAKA — the great Greek classic
STIFADO — slow-cooked beef stew
KEFTEDES — meatballs
LOUKANIKA — traditional Greek sausage
DOLMADES — stuffed vine leaves
CHICKEN SOUVLAKI — marinated chicken kebab
PORK SOUVLAKI — marinated pork kebab

BAKLAVA & KATAIFI Traditional Greek sweets served with honeycomb ice cream.

To book a place, fill in the booking form and send it with your cheque for £19.00pp payable to IBM Retirees Club (Midlands), to:-

Alan Bridgman, 101 Albany Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 6PQ
Email:, Telephone: 01789-267134

Please note:- First come, first served!

Refer to the document Event Booking Conditions for terms and conditions.

Go to Booking Form (or Word document).


Sub-Groups of Retirees Club and Employee Club

IBM Retirees Rambling Group

The IBM (Warwick) Rambling Club is now a subsection of the IBM Midlands Retiree Club. Any member of the Midlands Retiree club is welcome to join our subsection. Our subs are £5 per person per year. Our programme consists of a meal in late February, a monthly ramble with a pub lunch using own transport and an AGM in December. We also share a 3-4 day trip using coach transport with retiree sightseers in May.

Any retiree who would like to give us a try, can come along on one of our monthly walks without needing to join. Meal subsidies are available only to members and not for those joining us on a trial basis.

For a list of the planned walks for 2016 and other information, please see the IBM Rambling Club Annual Newsletter.

For more information, please contact Terry King,


IBM Retirees PC and Technology Group (founded by Harry Green)

The IBM Retirees PC and Technology Group meets every alternate month for a lively discussion on PC and technology topics in the digital age. There are usually one or two specific presentations given by members or by outside speakers, which the members of the Group have requested. We try to provide a reasonable balance between PC “techie” topics, new technology, and topics of a more general nature such as digital television, Internet telephony and digital photography. So whether you are a newcomer to the PC or a more experienced user, we hope you will find something of interest. You are very welcome to join us.

Go to meeting dates and other information.


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